That feeling when

Tfw you pass the streetlight halos and remember you will die

Tfw you watch a movie and realize you saw it already

Tfw you read an old blog and all the citation links are dead

Tfw you learn she doesn’t like you that way

Tfw you hear the cop talking to you while he walks away towards the top of the hill without even returning your stare

Tfw you walk a mile to the ethnic grocery store and discover it has closed forever

Tfw you savor the same sunny chilly autumn air as the first and last time you poured your heart out to someone

Tfw you crave fish but the fish turns out like rubber

Tfw you accept the tofu you cook will never taste the kind at restaurants

Tfw you were busy from dawn till dusk but didn’t do anything

Tfw you listen to people around you and they’re speaking a different language though it too is English

Tfw you walk by a total weirdo at a store and then realize you walked by a mirror

All these moments will be lost.