The Interactive Absurd Citations

Due to character limits in the video description, I am forced to give the credits/citations for my video essay “The Interactive Absurd” here. In the past, I have posted the majority of video essay credits/citations in a pinned YouTube comment, but for some reason YouTube will not let me this time. Cursory online research suggests that this might be a result of the YouTube algorithm flagging my comment for certain words. I tried deleting likely ones but to no avail. I guess YouTube not arbitrarily deleting and blocking certain comments without the input of the channel owner, including comments from the channel owner, would be too much to ask. It is also entirely possible that YouTube decided the post contained too many links.

(Did you know YouTube seems to automatically delete any comment that contains the word “sex”? Scandalous! Imagine what might happen if someone read the word “sex.” I also found somebody talking about how YouTube refused to let them post a comment that included the words “gay” and “autistic.” These were not puerile insults but rather accurate self-applied descriptors on a video about something apparently relevant. But I digress.)

The complete credits/citations:

Video games, in order of first appearance, if not discussed, and in order of discussion, if discussed:

Please, Don’t Touch Anything
Four Quarters, 2014

Waiting for Godot: A Simulator
Nick Murray, 2020

The Life of a Lone Electron
Gereth Pitchford, 1992

George Prosser, 2016

Twisted Tree Games, 2013

Jet Set Radio HD
Smilebit, BlitWorks, 2012

Space Giraffe
Llamasoft, 2007

Comic Bakery
Konami, 1984

Halfquake Amen
Philipp Lehner, 2002

LSD: Dream Emulator
Asmik Ace, 1998

Modern Job
Banbanbanban, 2018

Interactivity: The Interactive Experience
Aetheric Games, 2019

Job Lozenge
From Smiling, 2014

Missile Command
Dave Theurer, 1980
Rob Fulop, 1981 (the 2600 port)

Arcade’s Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 1
Digital Eclipse, 1996

Alice Lai, 2017

AcademySoft, 1986

Namco Museum Vol. 1
Namco, 1995

Namco, 1987

Missile Command 3D
Atari, 1995

Missile Command Recharged
Adam Nickerson, 2020

Jet Set Willy
Tribble Trubble
Software Projects, 1984

Wolfenstein: The New Order
MachineGames, 2014

A Single Bug, 2020
I Am Groot, 2020
YWDA, 2020
Baby Labor, 2020
Duck Date, 2021
Evgeni Puzankov

The Stanley Parable
Galactic Cafe, 2011

Every Day the Same Dream
Molleindustria, 2009

killer7, 2005
Flower, Sun, and Rain, 2001 (PS2), 2008 (NDS)
The Silver Case, 1991 (PSX), 2016 (Windows)
The 25th Ward: The Silver Case, 2005 (mobile), 2018 (Windows)
Grasshopper Manufacture

Math Blaster Episode I
Davidson & Associates, 1993

Rooftop Cop
Lawra Suits Clark, 2014

Namco, 1983

Menagerie II: Presentable Liberty, 2014
Menagerie: Archive, 2017

Flappy Bird
Dong Nguyen, 2013

Illusion of Gaia
Quintet, 1993

Depression Quest
The Quinnspiracy, 2013

Yume Nikki
Kikiyama, 2004

Hikikomori life
PaKoDev, Moogl, 2021

Your Amazing T-Gotchi!
Garage Heathen, 2020

Donkey Kong
Nintendo, 1981

Kung-Fu Master
Irem, 1984

Papers, Please
Lucas Pope, 2013

Continue?9876543210, 2014
Skrillex Quest, 2012
Jason Oda

Super Puyo Puyo 2
Compile, 1995

Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest
Konami, 1987

Happy World, 2018
Happy Zone, 2017

t- e ni hтm-are of·`a c ty
Pol Clarissou, 2016

Mondo Agency
Cactus, 2007

Super Tetris 3
Tose, 1994

Only If
Creability, 2014

Variable State, 2016

Super Mario 64 DS
Nintendo, 2004

Takeshi’s Challenge
Taito, 1986

Frog Fractions
Twinbeard, 2012

Knytt Underground
Nifflas Games, 2012

Yume 2kki
Yume 2kki Team, 2007

Maria on Tour
BaSe1 PrOdUcTiOnZ, 2005

Gadget: Invention, Travel, and Adventure
Synergy, 1993

Additional footage:

Please, Don’t Touch Anything VR footage
The Nutella Files

Rhinoceros – full show
Uploaded by Peepolykus

The Bald Soprano, recorded on 15 October 2016, directed by Ryan Kerr, starring Dan Smith, Kate Story, Lindsay Unterlander, Luke Foster, Elizabeth Mood
Uploaded by theperfectpencil

Waiting for Godot
Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, 2001

Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle season 1 ep. 1 “Toilet Books”
Directed by Tim Kirkby

Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Directed by Tom Stoppard, 1990

Directed by Peter Brook, 1967

Directed by Conor McPherson, 2000

The Stranger
Directed by Luchino Visconti, 1967

Directed by Ridley Scott, 1982

Directed by Christopher Brandt

Pac-Man Kill Screen Explained
Retro Game Mechanics Explained


Soft & Cuddly Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
RZX Archive

Matthew Smith 6 – Jet Set Willy Creatures
Uploaded by marasmusine

Silent Hill 2 – Eddie Dombrowski HD
Uploaded by LIQUIDSNAKEz28

Jet Set Willy II Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
RZX Archive

Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt ep. 5 “Vomiting Point”
Directed by Yamamoto Sayo, 2010

Footage of Fridays for Future Nov. 2021 Glasgow protest

WHAT DO I DO? (Presentable Liberty:All Endings)

DEAD MALL SERIES : FROM THE 80s to the 70s
This is Dan Bell.

Null Primarch

Arcade Game: Kung-Fu Master (1984 Irem)
Old Classic Retro Gaming

Albert Camus présente Les Possédés au Théâtre Antoine (1959)
Rien ne veut rien dire

Pete Seeger talking
Uploaded by folkarchivist

Leslie Feinberg talking

Sartre and de Beauvoir clips

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Directed by James Cameron, 1991

Directed by Akira Kurosawa, 1952

Sora no Woto ep. 7 “Showering Sound of Cicadas: Spirits Down the River”
Directed by Matsuo Shin, 2010


Double Suicide: Japanese Summer
Directed by Ōshima Nagisa, 1967

The Elusive Avengers
Directed by Edmond Keosayan, 1967

Directed by Tengiz Abuladze, 1987

L’Invasion d’Arthur Adamov
Uploaded by Joel Caby

Maria on Tour Walkthrough, ZX Spectrum
World of Spectrum

Gadget: Invention, Travel, and Adventure (1994) PC Playthrough

The space footage comes from Space Engine:


The opening track is from Continue?9876543210

“Title Screen”
“Screen OFF”
“Main Theme”
“Viva la Atome”
“Black Hole”
“Awaiting Input”
“Dark Times”
“Ancient Town”
“Don’t Touch My Papers”
“Meteor Rain”
Please Don’t Touch Anything Soundtrack

“Moonlight Sonata” played by Paul Pitman

“Shop Channel”
Wii music (composer?)

“Humming the Bassline”
Jet Set Radio SEGA Original Tracks
Hideki Naganuma

“Gregorian Chant”
Kevin MacLeod
CC BY 3.0

The brassy music track in Baby Labor is apparently also from MacLeod, but Puzankov doesn’t seem to specify which song it is anywhere, I think in violation of the license, and I have not been able to track down the title.

“Introducing Stanley”
“Contemplating Stanley”
“Exploring Stanley”
Bits of Music from The Stanley Parable
The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra

Flower, Sun, and Rain OST
Takada Masafumi

“Real Live Murderers”
Doesn’t Speak, Doesn’t Listen
Lawra Suits Clark

“Mural World”
“FC Dungeon”
“Working… Please Wait…”
“Witch’s Flight”
Yume Nikki OST

Kevin MacLeod
CC BY 3.0

“Gameboy cafe”
“Forest of 513 Sycamores”
“Blowball – ¬«»¿∩”
T-Gotchi! Complete Soundtrack
Garage Heathen

“Her House piano”
HAPPY WORLD soundtrack
Jimmy Maslaki

“Ukulele mystery song”
To Do List OST


Photo of Albert Camus

Photo of Luigi Pirandello

Photo of Matthew Smith

Photo of William Pugh
Photo by Game Developers Conference
CC BY 2.0

Photo of Davey Wreden

Photo of Suda51

Photo of Ooka Masahi

Crucifixion musical.jpg
Taken by bigbirdz
CC BY 2.0

Photo of Jean-Paul Sartre
Taken by Moshe Milner
CC BY 3.0

Semaine des barricades Alger 1960
Taken by Christophe Marcheux
CC BY-SA 3.0

Members of the Gay Liberation Front in 1969
Photo by Diana Davies

Pete Seeger with the Weavers

Sisyphus comic

Cartoon of Mizuki Shigeru painting


The Theatre of the Absurd
Martin Esslin, 1961

“The Myth of Sisyphus”
Albert Camus, 1942, translated by Justin O’Brien

“The Creation of Missile Command and the Haunting of Its Creator, Dave Theurer”
Alex Rubens, 2013

“Tetris: A Game of the Absurd”
Robert Harries

“Show us your Willy!”
Tommy Nash

“Matthew Uncaged”
Chris Bourne

“An Arrow Through The Code? Jet Set Willy’s Weird Bug Explained”

“The Stanley Parable”
Amanda “AJ” Lange

“Take an Art Trip to Russian Provinces at St. Petersburg Manege”
Galina Stolyarova

“Rooftop Cop Investigates the ‘Ritual Manifestations’ of Police Violence”
Chris Priestman

“Rooftop Cop: 5-Year Retrospective with Steph L. Clark”
NYU Game Center

Analysis of Presentable Liberty for DST 3880W Fall 2019

“Existentialism Is a Humanism”
Jean-Paul Sartre, 1946, translated by Philip Mairet

Georg Lukács, 1949, translated by Henry F. Mins
In Marxism and Human Liberation, edited by E. San Juan, Jr., 1973

“Resistance, Rebellion, and Writing”
George Scialabba

“Camus and the Algerian Revolution”
Nicholas Blincoe

Camus and the Algerian Revolution

“Interview: Only If”

“Errant Signal – Only If”
Errant Signal