THE SILVER CASE: What Is Uehara Kamui?

Nakategawa’s photo of Fujiwara shows him bald. This means he was death-filed in 1995. Being “death-filed” causes alopecia, as happens to Chizuru, who dons a wig in “KamuiDrome”; most of the TRUMP goons Kusabi kills in “LifeCut”; and Shiroyabu in “boys don’t cry.”

Screenshot of "LifeCut." A window in the upper left shows a sepia image of a dead bald man lying on the floor, a bullet through the center of his forehead. Blood has spilled from the wound and pooled around him.

In other words, in 1995, Fujiwara has his Kamui programming activated, perhaps by a “death-filing special agent” such as Munakata. The 1997 serial murders, if they are his doing at all, occur because he is one of those whom the state deliberately transforms into a criminal. Where Ryo’s, Shimohira’s, and Minato’s violent dysfunction is accidental from the perspective of power in the 24 Wards but still a result of the atomized, brutal society the oligarchs create, Fujiwara’s criminality is by design.

Because he acts out after the state steals his childhood, Fujiwara becomes an idealistic countercultural punk artist hailed as a revolutionary, spreading the fourth Kamui online with Shimohira and fathering three children with three different women. To end Fujiwara’s messaging, the state manipulates his trauma to provoke death-filing. The political syndicates then use him to carry out a series of assassinations or frame him for doing so, ending with his arrest and hospitalization in 1997. Kamui the silenced man, in in this case, the oligarchs literally take away the artist Fujiwara’s physical ability to speak his inspirational “criminal information.” They then malign him as a serial killer in November 1999 to conceal the actions of TRUMP and execute him for crimes of which he is innocent in a vain attempt to crush the radical fourth Kamui he has come to represent.

Screenshot from "LifeCut." A single window shows Fujiwara looking over his right shoulder back at the player with an ambiguous expression. His  right hand is on the handle of the door to the roof.