THE SILVER CASE: What Is Uehara Kamui?

Screenshot from "quiet cradle." In a shrine with several lit candles, Engawa says, "Aaaaaaah! Uh, um... Please help me! W-w-w-w-we, we're just an underground chat group, and this was just, like, a joke, like, we just wanted to see what it would be like, and, uh, like, I-I-I'll tell you everything!!!"
Engawa, the Kamui Nazi, reverts from condescension and threats to pathetically pleading for mercy and selling out his organization.

In Matchmaker, aside from Judah in “quiet cradle,” as mentioned above, the only Kamui followers who appear dress in Nazi uniforms. This cult sets up an elaborate trap (beneath Milu’s workplace) to kill Tsuki and Osato as “sacrifices” for Kamui. Not only fascists, they are overconfident larping wannabes. “Look, frankly, you’re all just fucking around, right?” says Tsuki. “You guys argue over who gets to play Kamui next?” Tsuki and Osato promptly slaughter the entire cult, sparing their boss, Engawa, whom they send to the Postal Federation to have his memories extracted.

While still imagining himself as a dictator like Neutral claims Furuya does, Engawa shouts, “Come, Kamui! Savior of the 25th Ward!” But the cult is fascist because they misunderstand Kamui. These are right-wing young men, apparently organized on a Kamui Net as a “chat group,” who take the Maspro pill in a similar manner to Furuya and Nakama but less subtly presented: they want a Kamui who is a savior, yes, but a savior of the 25th Ward, totally missing the “facts” because Kamui will kill the life and the most prominent Kamui follower aims for the opposite goal.

Judah, meanwhile, is not a fascist, radicalized internet user, or killer. Instead, he is a radical punk rock youth in the tradition of Fujiwara. Oddly, the RA Bureau does not kill Judah even though he advocates Kamui on stage.


Screenshot from "digital man." Kurumizawa stands on the balcony of his apartment. He resembles a projection on a CRT screen, a totally different visual style than the rest of the world around him. He says, "The consensus and the screams of the neighbors who lived through the darkness of the ages created the 'observer' that is me."
Kurumizawa speaking to Sumio and Sakura.

The closest to the fourth Kamui, a character who positively embraces Kamui as a revolutionary against the oligarchs, is Kurumizawa Kosuke. As established in “digital man,” he, like Kusabi and Akira, is a former member of the police state. Kurumizawa is an observer, an enhanced human in charge of monitoring the RA Bureau that secretly in turn monitors and executes the divers who secretly in turn monitor and execute the deliverymen who in turn monitor and execute ward civilians. From this position of meta-observation, he learns to observe reality without being observed by anyone else. He is therefore able to define reality for himself without the input of others, like Emir after escaping surveillance, and becomes a supernatural being on a higher plane of existence.

This divinity is represented by his appearing in different art styles than the other characters. More notably, it is shown in his place outside of the game world in the HUD. Kurumizawa is the interface the player uses to interact with the game, usually in the shape of the strange geometric shape rotating in the lower right of the screen. It is visible in almost every screenshot from The 25th Ward shown here. In this way, he observes everything there is. Moreover, he is the actual player character. Kurumizawa “inherited Kamui’s very will,” if Shiroyabu is to be believed. Sumio seems to tell Kuroyanagi that Kurumizawa is an iteration of Kamui. When asked for the source of his powers in “electride,” Kurumizawa simply says, “Well… Kamui, I would assume.”