THE SILVER CASE: What Is Uehara Kamui?

The implicit criticism frames The Silver Case as naïve. Kusabi tells Akira-Kamui, “We find our enemy, and we take them out.” Then they find Nezu in the Black Box.

Screenshot from "LifeCut." Kusabi sits on a bed in Triangle Tower 5. He tells Akira, "We find our enemy, and we take them out."

Linda Vermillion tells Garcian-Kamui, “Use your eyes to decipher how the system works, and then, seek the real enemies.” Then Garcian finds Harman and Kun Lan in the Forbidden Room.

Linda Vermillion, a woman in a weirdly revealing black outfit despite the snow, tells Garcian, "Use your eyes to decipher how the system works,"
Linda Vermillion tells Garcian, "and then, seek the real enemies."

Killing Nezu and Uminosuke may represent killing the past for Akira, Kusabi, and Tokio, but for Emir, lone actors carrying out assassinations cannot stop crime, dehumanization, and death from being reincarnated in the futility of samsara.

Previously, the “crime virus” was information of different kinds, and this information is Kamui. Contrary to the conclusion of “LifeCut,” where it doesn’t matter if your name is Kusabi, Akira, or Kamui, “criminal power” is now explicitly genetic. Even before Emir, the Parkreiner family has “the DNA of crime,” attracting academic research as criminal power does. Criminality is innate after all.

There is no light of possibility because just as much as the personas are slaves to Harman and the Heaven Smiles are slaves to Kun Lan, all humans are slaves to the “cycle of crime, dehumanization and death.” Howling with laughter, Kun Lan is proven correct: “The world won’t change. All it does is turn.”

Screenshot from "Lion." Kun Lan raises his glowing right hand. He says, "The world won't change."

In killer7, revolution and freedom are impossible. There is none of Fujiwara’s creative ability but all of Silver Case Kamui’s atrocious murder. Any hint of the savior Kamui is false. By 2011, or 2005 in the real world, Kamui/Ayame is only Format Kamui.