THE SILVER CASE: What Is Uehara Kamui?

He (Jeane the cat is a boy) and Kusabi are proven correct, sort of, in the final chapter, “Quark-Gluon Plasma.” In a parody of a twist ending, Uehara abruptly summons Travis to Nightmare Burger again to reveal a TRUMP henchman (based on his playing card mask) has kidnapped Travis’s wife and children, or at least has kidnapped a woman and two children.

Screenshot from "Travis Strikes Back." The left window shows Kamui, who is glowing, with his silver eye visible. The right window shows Travis. The visual window shows a still from an online video in which a man in an ace of spades mask holds a gun and looks at the camera. In the dingy room behind him are a woman and two children, each tied up with rope. The text reads as follows: TRAVIS: What happened? Huh? You're sporting a weird aura, man. UEHARA: Have a look at this. TRAVIS: What's this supposed to be...?

In a miniature repeat of the original No More Heroes, Uehara challenges Travis to defeat five assassins to rescue them and attain the final Death Ball necessary for the normal ending. Travis kills the first four without a second thought but, in the final battle, spares Uehara. “You’re my friend, Kamui. I can’t kill my fucking friend.” Uehara promptly begins crying. Travis comforts him: “So that’s it… You’re just a child at heart. […] Lemme eat up all your trauma, Kamui. So from now, you rest easy, and live in the light.”

For some reason, the detail that TRUMP abducted Travis’s family is never mentioned again. It is also odd that TRUMP is apparently working for or in coordination with Uehara—and that it still exists at all. At a bowling alley in Maine, Uehara and Travis hang out a while. Uehara drinks Trinity cocktails, an allusion to Tokio’s favorite drink, and finally says goodbye.

“Trav. This is where we part for real. My job is now done. I hope everything works out for you.”

“Kamui, live in the light.”

“The light… It’s a daunting task, but I trust you, so I’ll try.”

Screenshot from "Travis Strikes Back." In the left window is Uehara. In the irght is Travis. The display window at the bottom shows the interior of the basement of a bowling alley. The text reads as follows:

TRAVIS: Kamui, live in the light.

UEHARA: The light... It's a daunting task, but I trust you, so I'll try.

TRAVIS: Take care.

Travis then tells Jeane that his friend is going “From the past to the future… Wandering in search of light. Kamui needs this time.”