THE SILVER CASE: What Is Uehara Kamui?

Screenshot from "Smile." Black-and-white, the wide shot shows a hotel room in the Union Hotel at night. Dan Smith sits in a chair on the left, a pistol in his right hand. Emir stands before the chair opposite Dan, staring down at him. Due to the angle and the lighting, Emir's face cannot be seen.

Like the interlocutors who tell Akira and Tokio about Kamui, “The History of Killer7” is not entirely reliable. Mirroring the in-universe decades of government coverups and strict control of information paralleling those in The Silver Case, it indicates Emir’s parents died in both 1948 and 1952, for instance, and that the first US presidential election occurred in Seattle. (I reject the reading that this detail is supposed to be taken at face value—“facts” behind the “truth” is the whole point here, though in killler7 world the terms are reversed so that “truth” is truth in the conventional sense and “facts” are the misinformation. I also reject the suggestion Suda is “crazy” or chose the details at random, especially given that he correctly dates the election.) Further complicating matters is that time is “warped” in Union Hotel such that Emir/Garcian gunning down Harman and Kun Lan in 2011 may have happened in 1820 and likely recurs, representing the repetitious samsara nature of political/social violence.

In 1992, Hulbert infiltrates Harman’s Colburn Elementary School to investigate a connection between it and the US presidential election. He claims the Parkreiner family is “damned by the devil himself” and possesses “the DNA of crime,” clearly recalling the demonic Silver Case Kamui, and uncovers that Japan controls the school. “Students here are trained to become elite agents to work for the government. […] Some are recruited as Yakumo Party members. Those selected become key players in the intelligence war.” The “Yakumo Party” is presumably whatever group possesses the Yakumo, the Union 7’s magical policy document from 1953. By 2011, most of the Yakumo belongs to the UN Party, the killer7 equivalent of the TRO/CCO.

In the English-language version of killer7, Emir’s “Social Security Code” is “EAGLE.” The Japanese-language version is almost entirely identical, with all the dialogue in English. However, a computerized voice intercepts Hulbert’s tape to replace “EAGLE” with “ELBOW.” This implies information manipulation to conceal the “facts” from the American audience.

Evidently, then, ELBOW is responsible for the program at Coburn Elementary School. Travis references “new models” being brought in, presumably referring to template personalities. Curtis is able to implant an Ayame personality in a teenager, and Ayame Blackburn identifies herself with the “Educational Guidance Council,” presumably connected to the Education Ministry that runs Coburn as well as the US. Education Minister Greg Nightmare is also the owner of Emir’s signature handgun. So it is no leap to understand Emir as receiving a similar, Kamui-style persona at Coburn. As with the Shelter Kids, this occurs when Emir is four, the same age at which Hulbert reports his alleged biological parents died in a car accident (though Hand in killer7 gives a different age).